Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hurkey Crack

Hurkey creek is one of my favorite places to mt bike! so i was super excited for this race! Slate and me decided to be a team of two for the eight hour event! I started off the race with the mile run start and the I hopped on my bike for a peddle pushing 10 mile course. Our strategy was that i would do one lap and then slate would do two, with a run in between to practice some bricks... well let me tell you after my first lap there was no way i could continue on my other laps if i ran in between... so I just plopped down with my feet in the air and stuffed my face! way better then running :)
Exciting Events on my laps....
There was a snake on the trail so I had to stop and throw a rock at it to have it move out of my way..
I ate crap a couple of times...
Chain fell off...
i was stoked that nothing too serious happened and we were able to finish the race with success... i did 30 miles and slate did 40!
After we were finished we cheered on the other teams that were riding through the night!

Desert tri

My first Olympic Distance Race.....Desert Tri in Palm Desert
When we arrived in Palm Desert and it was super windy and we were not looking forward to racing in such crazy wind...
The next morning the wind had died down and everyone was stoked and ready to race before the wind picked up again.

The Swim: was super fun! i was able to get out to the far right with one person next to me... i was sighting her instead of looking for the buoy which she did for me every couple of strokes, it was perfect.... I only had to look up a couple of times and before I knew it i was rounding the first buoy..I did have to backstroke a couple of times to catch my breath but other than that i was proud of conquering that swim distance.

The Bike: well, i have not been on my road bike since January 1st and the seat was sooo uncomfortable, but i made it around the first lap and was getting tired toward the end of my second lap..... i really need to start hammering on the road bike more...

The Run: was HOT! and i had a running buddy the last three miles so we kept eachother going on the run... i felt like a coach with this little boy running next to me.... heheheh later i found out he was 17, man i thought he was 12... either kids are looking younger or i'm getting old!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bonelli Renegade tri

renegade off road tri:

The Swim: was awesome, even though we had to wait over 30 min's past our scheduled race time... i had clear water the whole swim and I was never close to anyone...so i was able to really focus on my stoke and sighting.

The Bike: was two laps of 7.5 miles...my first lap i was feeling pretty good and enjoying the course..... it was beautiful with the mustard flowers growing everywhere i felt like i was in a different country. my last lap i was flying down on one of the downhills and i slipped out on a fast turn and ate crap... it took me a second to realize I was laying on the ground... i grabbed my bike and started petaling...towards the last few miles my arm was burning and i saw slater coming around the corner with the camera ready for pic's... bike done...

The run:
the run was a killer... super steep hills that i had to walk... all i was thinking was walk the hills and run everything else... :)

The results: first place in age group

Folsom Fun

Today was the "BIG" day... my first Xterra Triathlon, up in folsom!
Oh how I love folsom, i would love to live there: Auburn, Tahoe, San Fran, Reno (my cousins place) all a hop skip and a jump away! maybe someday :) Anyways the race was super fun.. fast and furious... lots of mud/dirt/sand i was loving it! any excuse to get dirty.. i was perposley hitting all the mud puddles!

The Swim:
Was Super cold, the day before i went out and bought a neoprene cap! saved my life.
My swim was very uneventful... swam some.. then it was shallow again.. ran some..very akward and super funny seeing a bunch of people running in waist deep water trying to get ahead of everyone... i was laughing... swam again... and finally made it to the shore! "SCORE" first leg down! :)

The Bike:
My Fingers were Frozen! I felt crippled, i was starting to freak myself out because i was not able to move my right thumb to change gears.... i ended up letting go of my handle bars and pushing my gear with the palm of my hand...i was thinking what if i getting hypothermia, i looked down and my legs were super red... and i couldn't feel my feet... after about 10 minutes my hand was defrosted. The bike was a blast and i was stoked to make it through without any bike trouble (my front brake was not working the day before.. i had to pump it to get it to work)but no problems at all during the race.. super stoked... oh ya and on my second lap a huge deer crossed the trail in front of me only about 10 feet away... very exciting..!

The Run:
The run was easier then i had expected it to be.. i couldn't feel my feet but my legs felt great! i was able to hold a steady pace the whole way and was enjoying the beautiful landscapes. did i mention i love folsom!!! I finished the race and was super stoked to have accomplished an off road tri~!! i don't think i can go back to racing road again.... :)

we had a great day and slate finished 4th in his age group and i finished 3rd... we both receive tropheys and we were ready to head home!