Sunday, July 20, 2008


scout adventure was an adventure in itself the pictures explain it all!

josiah was dehydrated and we had to walk the last three miles of the race with him throwing up and almost passing out on
us, super scary!
Remember friends to always eat and hydrate BEFORE and DURING races... you don't want to end up going to the hospital
like this guy! :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Partay People...mammoth

this year for the 4th we headed out to mammoth for a weekend of fun and lots of training.... we got there late thursday night and we were pumped for the long weekend ahead... we ended up waking up at 5am friday morning and took off to twin lakes for a little paddle in our kayak before everyone woke up.. the sunrise was amazing, but we were a little cold out on the lake. by the time we got back everyone was slowing waking up, getting ready for a long day of dirt trails... we were all super excited and it was a beautiful day! we did about 15 miles of riding and saved my favorite route down juniper springs as the grand finale...

saturday: we decided to head out for a short 3 mile hike which ended to be an all day 7 hour hike with about 14 miles distance wise.. the hike got better and better with every step and we couldn't turn around so we just kept on going... we were able to connect the trail and do a loop to where we first started! what an awesome day we had!

i think we were on the moon

sunday: we were all having the blues..we didn't want our fun weekend to end... so we went to convict lake and paddled the kayaks before leaving for home...

statements to remember from the trip:
"partay people"
"Happy Birthday Andrew"
"Poo Farts"
see ya all later.... love the "DayMaker"

The Baldy Man

this weekend we ventured out to hike mt. baldy... we needed a good
butt kick'in workout!
we decided on the ice house saddle as our destination and ended up
going further to the whatever it was called peak, i can't remember the name...
it was a fun day and we took along a new friend we met off the internet... we posted the hike and had about five people that were going to join us and ended up with just one... it is fun meeting new people and we all had a blast.

we did a total of 11 miles with about 2,000 ft elevation gain.
hopefully we can make baldy a once a month event!