Friday, July 10, 2009

Peters Canyon Trail Run

since big bear was a solid chuck of training.. 15 hours in three days.. consisting of paddling, swimming, mt biking and bad ass billy's core workout - wow.. am i beat!  this week i have been sleeping at least 8 -12 hours a night and i had a nice nap yesterday with my nephew... he looks like a little doll when he is sleeping..  my total hours this week have been 45 minutes total of which consisted of two runs, one 3omin and the other 15.. i just couldn't get motivated to do anything... drained!

Last night was the peters canyon 2nd event of their trail run series.  i did the last one but decided to be a spectator this time around, still beat down.  stoked, my sister and her hubby came out for the festivities and it was such a nice evening.  slate did awesome coming in sixth overall, damn i can't believe how fast that boy is getting... and my bro in law came in 26th overall with a 7:15 pace for his first running race ever!  how did he get so fast also?  while the boys were hitting the trails my sister and i hung out with her new little boy kadin and we had a blast watching him laugh and we couldn't resist having a photo shoot  :) 

today i decided to get my lazy, unmotivated butt out the door.  i put my bike clothes on and stashed a bunch of food in my jersey and headed out for a ride... not sure where or how far i was going to go?  oh, where will the day take me? : )  i headed for the beach and ended up cruis'in south to the back bay and back home...

some friends came out from santa cruz and santa barbara around lunch time and were all dressed up for a spin... so i got my bike clothes back on and headed back out the door for my second ride of the day...  my legs were turning into jello, and we had a major head wind! man, what was i thinking...  i tucked behind keevin and held his wheel for the 33 miles... with some struggle..   : )  what a good time!  stoked to have put in 63 miles for the day!