Saturday, December 20, 2008

First snow on Mr. Baldy

           (on the way down the mountain)

Today was the day after our first big storm here in southern cali.  We decided to head up to mount baldy and use our new snowshoes in the three feet of snow that our first storm brought.
I have never been snowshoeing before and i was ready for the hike up to the saddle.  Going up was super fun with the shoes.  i was amazed how well they worked walking in the powder. someone had cut the trail so there was a nice little path for us to follow, we have been hiking here many times but with all the snow i don't think we would have be able to find the trail on our own.
   (slater & me)

Hiking up we couldn't help but stop every second to snap some cool shots of the beautiful snow... i love the snow!!!!  on the way down i could not stop laughing, i was falling all over the place.  snowshoes are a little tricky when your trying to run downhill :) funny stuff!  i can't wait till there is another snow storm so i can venture out again on my magic snow shoes again...

(slater walking in the winter wonderland)