Friday, February 22, 2008


Utah... one of my favorite places to be!  a weekend getaway was much needed.... in "SNOW" my favorite... yippy!  Utah was beautiful, there was lots of snow and I was ready for some snowplay...
we met up with Keith and Leslie and the boys for a relaxing weekend.   

Saturday we went shopping downtown at Park City with the crew.  It snowed all night Saturday and we woke up to another foot or more of snow.... slate and I were going to venture out and rent snow shoes but we were snowed in for a couple of hours.... so we decide to get our snowboard gear on and head to the lifts... by now the roads were at least clear by some means...we hopped in our jeep with our crap and took off..... there was so much snow we  "wait, i think we just went past the on ramp"  it was total whiteout... turning around we saw two flags and drove in between them "yes!"  we found the freeway... kinda scary .........  but exciting... hehehe

at the lifts we ended up getting a good deal... the canyons had this deal, 20 bucks for the both of us, all we had to do was listen to some timeshare crap, eat hot dogs and cruise around this new complex for about an hour... not bad, and a great deal.. 

can't wait for our next trip out, i would love to go in the summer and ride all the mountain bike trails... we should definitely plan a trip with m&m..

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

trail to train

this past weekend we ventured off with marius and mandy again, this time for a ride from dana point to encinitas. we woke up at 4:30 on sunday ready for a looooooooong ride. we now know what to expect when when we ride with the pro M and the mule M... lots of miles and lots of laughs. so looking at a map the distance is all downhill :-) and flat... not bad hehehe it was warm already when we left marius' house around 5am... heading down towards doheny state beach we were enjoying the beautiful sun rise, about 5 miles later we stopped for some coffee and hot chocolate....

after another 5 miles we took a potty break, took off some layers and applied the sunscreen! Its hard to watch all the surfers get ready at san onofre while were with our bikes instead of boards... i just wanted to be riding the waves in the warm sun! we were off again..
next stop in about 5 was the entry to camp pendleton, we were all thinking that if we go on stopping every 5 miles we will never get to san diego! so it was time to put in the miles.... camp pendleton was my favorite part of our ride.... no cars, just slow tanks, and green rolling hills, with a view of the ocean... after the base it was all ocean the rest of the way down...

it was a beautiful 75degree day... everyone and their momma was out and about... just trying to keep up with M&M was my main struggle towards the end of the ride... about mile 40 my legs were getting tired and my lower back was killing me, i guess its not smart to try a new seat on such a long ride....when we got to encinitas we stopped and ate lunch... i got a big fat cheeseburger.. yummy after we filled our bellies we were off to the train station to catch the next train back home...the amtrak ride was nice, i was able to catch some shut eye after a long ride totaling 53 miles....
can't wait for our next ride with M&M ;-)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Swimming in 40 more like 30 d-grees

swimming in the winter is cold!!!!!!!!!!!  i've been trying to get lots of strokes in for my big race in June... the Boise half ironman... call me crazy, well i am... hopefully i'll be ready for that 1.2 mile swim.... my weakest link....  my goal is too join a masters swim club this month, but I just can't get myself to wake up for the 5:30 swim session.... oh well, sat. I will be swimming long course at our aquatic center... i can't wait, the more i swim the more addicted i get even if i'm freezing through my whole swim workout... i'm ready for the warm weather....