Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rim Nordic

So i haven't been on my bike for about three weeks... since i got a flat and haven't changed it yet... and rim nordic was comming soon.. i didn't think we were going to do the race because we were suppose to be moving that weekend... so i lagged...
well we decided to head up there and check it out because our roomie was doing the single speed division. then it all happened... I was convinced in doing the race....
ok so i will just cruise through it to see the course.

"too legit to quit"
Suffer Fest Begins...
on my first lap i went out fast and pooped out fast...
by the time i got to the first little climb i was dying...and i thought to myself, dang i need to train for races... :)
I was all over the place and i felt like i haven't been riding for years... i even ate it in flat sand on part of the trail... dang why did i race..
(start up line)
the elevation was killing me and it was hard to breath... i had to walk a few of the steep climbs and stop a couple of time to catch my breath..took a gu and was ready to get my first lap over with.
Finally i made it to the downhill and i was ready to be done... i kept telling myself "you don't have to do two laps"... the downhill always makes me forget about all the hard work that was done in order to rep the benefits.. so i pounded through the finish line and started my second lap... i felt ok in the beginning but i was pretty tired... my technical skills were finally caught up and i just kept telling myself to push through it.. this time i walked all the steep hills... i was totally bonking...
and i had no more gu and barely any water left... i just had to make it to the water station to load up on water and hopefully they would have a gu or food of some sort because i was starving...we'll no gu or food for me at the station .. then a thought came to mind... mandy once told me that she had to eat some used gu packets...
hmmmm should I or shouldn't i... i was in survival mode...give me some darn energy..
so i peddled up away from the water he wouldn't see me scrounge for gu.. and I found GOLD... millions of gu packets... i had so many flavors to choose from.. so i looked around to make sure no one saw me..and i picked one up that looked not that squeezed out kinda look.. meaning: gu left inside!

i was shaking from the heat and i picked up that gu, cleaned the top off and held it above my mouth and dripped the chocolate delight in! soooo good!
I was able now to get back on my bike.... i was pushing slow... i needed another gu... this one was the orange flavor that i always turn away from... but this time i welcomed it and it was delicious... :) so now i was satisfied that i at least had some calories and hopefully i was ready to push to the end... i reached the downhill thinking... this is my training...and finally i cruised through the finish! i was so stoked to be done.. i just pushed through a mental limit and physical demand that i have not experienced... meaning.. TRAIN...TRAIN..TRAIN..
i ended up with third place in my division... and fifth overall...
(don't tell anyone that there was only five girls total who did the race) ;)
anyways i survived. and remember to leave a little bit of gu left in your packet for someone who is stupid enough not to bring more then one gu!

Job Searching

job searching sucks!
so i have applied for a handfull of positions ant irvine valley college and cal state long beach... they are super hard to obtain and the state's process takes
hopefully something will come up... or maybe i'll just train!

We Finally Moved!

Yippy.... we are now living in Huntington Beach..
we are super excited.. the move was rough, but we
made it through with help of friends.. a big thanks
to joe W... and everyone else!
Thanks guys...