Sunday, August 31, 2008

Santa Barbara Tri

santa barbara was a fun triathlon...
i was a little worried about the distance because i really wasn't training specifically for it!
the swim:
distance = 1 mile
I felt really good on the swim, i was slow but i was able to swim the whole distance without stopping and having
to breast stoke for a break! very exciting! our wed. night ocean swims are paying off!l
i'm also getting use to swimming in a pile of people..... we were like a school of fish with no rhythm or rhyme just major chaos...
the bike:
distance =35 miles
the bike was fun.... half way through i saw slater riding in the other direction, if only i was as fast as him!
the run:
distance = 10 miles
i felt really good on the start of the run.. just as i was running about one mile out slate was running in for his big finish
i was jealous i was wishing i was done! i still had 9 miles to go.. the las two miles were the hardest for me and i was
ready to be finished! i pushed through the pain and was glad to be finished! my total time was 04:46:06.