Monday, January 26, 2009

12 Hours of Temecula

The 12 Hour race course could not have been any better!!!

Racing: The Good!
It consisted of lots of single track that swooped, twisted and turned for the pleasure of every racer!  I was on a team that consisted of four girls... Melissa, Bernice, Tiffany and Me.  What a fun and tough group of gals!

Racing: The Bad!
Our teammate Melissa had a bad crash on her first lap : ( 
She was about thirty minutes into her lap and she flew over her handle bars on a technical decent with her bike fly off the side of the hill....  We were all worried when we heard from a friend that they were bringing in Melissa on the quad.  

RACING: The Results!
We were all very glad to find out that Melissa was Ok... after complaining of arm/shoulder/back pain she was let out of the hospital with nothing more than some scrapes and bruises!  And our team received a medal for third place!  Good job ladies!

Looking forward to the next race with this awesome group of girls.

Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo Rumble consists of a 10k trail run and a 16 mile mountain bike ride..... the course is always super fun and i was ready to race...

(loading up on goods before the race)

Usually i feel like crap during the run, but this year i felt strong the whole way!  Super stoked!
But i did walk some of the killer hills.  i was proud to finish my run with a time of 56:34...

next was the bike and i was ready to roll...  being able to actually pass people on the bike was super exciting for me this year... usually i'm being passed like i'm standing still... but this year was different...  my music was pumping and i just kept saying to myself "suck it up buttercup" (my motto for this year) and i was just trying my hardest to push through the super steep quick hills and not get off my bike...  before i knew it i was done pushing through the last hill, and i was super stoked that i did not walk any..... : )  bike lap time 1:40... total time 2:36 with a second place finish in the 21 to 34 womens age group...

(2nd lap on the bike)

during the race slate got lost on the course and ended finishing in 2nd overall... (time penalty because he was the only that confessed that he got lost) sucks to be honest : )  hehehe
but he did receive a letter from the race director stating that 20 other people also got lost so hopefully next year the course will be marked better... damn cows (reason for not being able to post stakes in the ground)....

after the ride we headed out to our local hills where we use to ride.... super fun day in bako...!