Sunday, January 10, 2010

the "SUPER" schd

2010 started off good! Now that i'm working as "SUPER" Nanny for my nephew Kadin I am starting to figure out when my ironman training will/can happen through the week! It is hard to work long hours and fit everything in... i average about 10hr days watching the "Meatball" and this last week I was able to get 12 hours of training in... stoked. oh ya i have fridays off too.. plus i'm learning valuable "mommy" stuff so by the time we have kids i'll have everything figured out! Hopefully ; )

My Survival Training Guide with an 8 month old:

*be flexible and adjust your schd to his
*eat when the baby eats (every two hours)
*walk with Kadin in the morning (i have to wait until he poops first so he's not sitting in a
dirty diaper for my hour walk) and he usually will take his first nap in the bob
*sleep when he takes his second nap
*stretch/yoga/foam roll while he plays
*if its raining I take him to their exercise room, turn the TV to cartoons and I run my brains
out on the treadmill and lift some weights.
*bring a bottle/binky/blankie/bear on every outing
*my bike trainer will be my new friend

** Now i only just need to convince my sister to buy a backpack and bike trailer so I can hike and
bike with him now!

With slater doing 30runs in 30days it has made it super easy to bump up my running by joining him on some of his adventures. Signing up for Masters swimming in Sept. has also helped me get out to the pool! I love swimming and can't wait to move up a couple of lanes with the fast ladies that fly by slater! Below compares this December 12 - January 12 from last year...

In the 32 days ending 2010-01-12:

activity # timemileskm+ft

Swimming15 14:55:00 15.11

MTB6 10:51:53 90.79(7:10) 146.11(4:27) 14967

Running10 7:15:06 41.83(10:24) 67.32(6:27) 1061

Trail Run6 5:49:39 32.62(10:43) 52.5(6:39) 3061

Road Bike4 5:41:36 52.72

Walking3 2:44:18 9.92(16:33) 15.96(10:17) 1181

Hiking2 2:20:00 5.0

Yoga3 2:00:00

Weights3 1:40:00

Snowshoeing1 40:00 1.19(33:36) 1.91(20:53) 895

Total27 53:57:32 249.18

averages - sleep:8.7

In the 32 days ending 2009-01-12:

activity # timemileskm+ft

MTB9 21:55:00 143.0(9:11) 230.14(5:42) 2500

Road Bike7 11:20:27 124.3(5:28) 200.04(3:24) 530

Snowshoeing3 11:18:15 19.8(34:15) 31.87(21:17) 3000

Running7 6:03:00 29.0(12:31) 46.67(7:46)

Paddle1 1:30:00 4.0(22:30) 6.44(13:58)

Yoga1 35:00

Weights1 30:00

Total24 53:11:42 320.1

Super stoked to have been able to add swim/run miles and now i'm ready to add more biking!