Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Training Totals

Below is my training log for the last 32 days...  Getting ready for VQ and looking to do a couple more rides along the course the next two weeks...  Also going to try to get a lot more swimming in for my Half Ironman April 4th.... ocean swims are key for me when training for a triathlon...

Goals ....
Swim at least three times a week
Keep up on my running for Half Ironman ~ at least 13 miles per week
At least one bike ride a week over 50miles

Monday, February 2, 2009

Half Marathon

Half Marathon
Runner DetailsRace ResultsSplit Times
Name:Monique Fletcher
Hometown:Huntington Beach, CA
Overall:3949 out of 10788
Women:1684 out of 6532
F 30-34:293 out of 1006
Age/Grade:51.99% Place: 4085
Finish:2:06:40 Pace: 9:40
Tag Time:2:06:04

3 Mile:29:32 Pace: 9:51
8.2 Mile:1:19:31 Pace: 9:42