Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ready to Rumble in the Jungle...

This past weekend I survived the 10k run followed by a 16 mile mountain bike race at the rio bravo rumble. Talk about tough... that was a mental challenge that I still can't believe I completed... my run was my basic 10 min/mile trying to keep my heart rate at 184 or lower...
up the huge mountain i had to walk, trying to stop my shoulder and side from cramping and hopefully saving some energy for my bike leg.

I finished the run and was now ready to stop pounding my body and pumping my legs.. i started off fast! I WAS RACING... :) about after a small fast down hill the climb started and i was ready to quit.. "damn i cant move my legs anymore"... just trying to keep my pistons moving my right calf (not that huge cow to the right of me that I thought was going to jump at me) was cramping.. bad.. i had to stop at every hill to stretch.. sucks... i had to just focus on keeping my legs moving and the intake of my gel and electro's... in the back of my mind I was thinking slates probably done by now!

(Below is a Picture of Mandy..... she started an hour and 1/2 after me, caught up to me and
flew past me like i was standing still!)


Finally I hit the must needed downhill and flew past three people.... i was so stoked that i actually past someone..." now I'm REALLY RACING" hehehe One more loop and I was finished... yippy ...

Slate ended up winning the race, just like last year.. i knew he would do it :) I ended up winning 1st also in my age group (shhh don't tell anyone i was the only one in my age group).. anyways i was stoked i won some cash to our local bike shop....
sufferfest it was!!

Train or not to Train

"Thought of the day"???
well i'm debating on whether to swim with a master's group in the morning before work
and pack all my load of crap to get ready, or find one that I can join after work... i need to start logging in some miles if i'm going to be ready for my upcomming races this season... hmmm

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

round the mountain on New Year's day!

Today we joined the local bike groups for a New Years ride on round mountain.  There was a total of 150 people!  We woke up late and threw all our crap in the car and took off for our ride... I was thinking a nice casual ride just a couple of miles... well about 2 and 1/2 hours later we've already done 34 miles.. damn... i wasn't ready for this :)  i had the luxury of riding behind the limo (tandem bike) the last half of the ride, which i don't think i've could have done the ride without them with our steady fast cadence of 22!  anyways i survived and i'm ready for our mtb group ride tomorrow night... hopefully i don't get lost in the dark again :)~