Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ironman St George

IMSG was super fun and I hate to say it (with everyone saying its one of the hardest ironman races in North America) but I thought it was "easy". For me it was the first race that I have followed a training schedule and was super stoked how it unfolded the day of the race. I was cruising through the course just enjoying the sights, the crowds, volunteers, friends and others in the race. I never ever had the feeling that the bike was taking forever like i usually get towards the end of the race. I enjoy going long and was prepared for an all day excursion. I got my "Money's" worth is the easiest way to explain it : )

where's waldo?

Finishing time of 14:26
Swim 1:21:38
Bike 7:32:51
Run 5:16:50

My swim results surprised me and I thought my time would be about 1:40. Lesson learned: sight a little more often instead of watching others... I think I swam an extra mile LOL and struggled to get back to the bouys. I got super cold towards the end and couldn't move my fingers to get my transition bag open, watch on etc..

The bike was beautiful and I was enjoying the day.. I did have some stomach issues, and I think its being the the aero bar position after drinking, eating.. had about two bottles of vitargo about 280 calories each, two bottles of water with nuun, and two bars totaling 380calories.. ~940calories

My marathon was nothing more than a walking "Buffet" line. I was sooo hungry I couldn't stop eating at every aid station. I would think ahead of time what I felt like eating and i would walk through each aide station with the same plan. Sponges on the shoulders which I would use to squirt on my head, water, pretzels, orange slice, chicken soup and sometimes gatorade. Music was blasting and I was eating.... and running in between the hills and aide stations. Life was good. I did have to stop and tape up the bottom of my feet because of hot spots, and a blister popped two miles before the finish so I stopped and tape it and it made it worse so I then had to rip it off and just ignore the pain.

Awesome day and can't wait to do another race. Slate had an awesome race with finishing in 10:02hrs and won 3rd in his AG and qualified for Kona Ironman World Championship Race in his first Ironman.

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