Friday, April 30, 2010

Preparation H

about sums up the last two days and maybe the next couple of days after racing 140.6 miles. There is sooo much to think about before an ironman race i can see why people would do only one a year. today we dropped off our swim to bike bags, bike to run bags, tomorrow we will drop off our bike and run special needs bags, and fill up our morning bag before the race. sooo many bags sooo little time... by race time tomorrow i hope i won't be "bagging it" . . .

"bag party"

"bike bags"

"run bags and me"

now just kill'in time about sixteen hours till race start. time for a shower, dinner and a little stretching/rolling and some good night sleep, with a wakeup call for 3:30am...

slater learning how to crush dreams tomorrow....

good thing i didn't have a four digit race number !

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